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May 3, 2022 - By Misc Authors

Growing and managing your wealth is a daunting task. You want to be sure that the wealth management advisor you have hired is qualified for the job and has your best interests in mind. At The Rating Advisor, we can help you find the right guide for your investment needs.

What Is The Rating Advisor?

The Rating Advisor is a website designed to allow consumers to rate and review their current or past investment advisors along with their firms. Clients can write a review and rate their experiences with specific advisors or investment firms. Users also have the ability to find an advisor based on location, certification type, title or even licensing and qualifications.

The Rating Advisor is an asset for any individuals or business in investment advisory. Advisors themselves have the ability to maintain or add a public account to connect with clients. It is also a great opportunity to generate leads for your business. The thing that makes our company different is that we have already created profiles for hundreds of financial advisors accross Canada. You just need to search for yourself and claim your profile to begin marketing on our site.

Kinds of Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors

In this field, a financial advisor is an umbrella term. These advisors are typically bank or mutual funds personnel. The investments they are authorized to sell includes mutual funds, GICs, and bank pre-packaged investment plans. However, financial advisors cannot typically advise or give recommmendations on stocks and bonds unless they are certified by the IIROC.

Investment Advisors

Investment advisors must complete IIROC-approved training to receive this title. These advisors can sell and advise on any kind of investment. This is different from what a financial advisor can do, as what they can advise on is more restricted. Those with an RR license can handle and recommend securities while those with an IR license can only handle securities but cannot recommend them (these would typically be assistants to the Advisors). The Rating Advisor offers clients the chance to search by job title as well as whether they have received an IIROC license or other specific licensing such as options or discrecionary portfolio management services.

Wealth Management Advisors

People with large amounts of wealth may want to seek out the services of a wealth management advisor. The IIROC offers certification for wealth management. To get this certificate, the advisor must complete a 90 day training course as well as complete the wealth management essentials course for the licensing.

These advsisors service people who have a large amount of wealth to invest, however these services are now offered to clients that have a smaller threshhold which would typically start at around 250,000$ and above. When dealing with large investments, the way advisors invest and protect their client's wealth can have an impact on the outcome of their future wealth. Most firms now offer estate planning services in addition to the portfolio management to encompass all aspects of their lives.

Connect to Advisors in Your Area

If you have been grappling with how to invest your wealth, now is the time to connect with an investment advisor. At The Rating Advisor, we want to provide an outlet for clients to know just exactly how qualified their chosen investment professional is. We organize these professionals by where they are certified and the licenses and credentials they hold. You have the chance to rate and review your advisor and browse others' reviews as well. Investment and financial advisors can even claim their profiles. Visit our website and find the firm that is right for you and your financial portfolio.

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